Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thoughts from JMB's Mom

Hi Everyone – JMB’s Mom here (one of my better titles)

I wanted to give my half time thoughts on my experience thus far….

I am amazed at these kids…all of them! There are kids from all over the world, from ages 6-18 and they are fabulous!! My husband and I sit in the waiting area for hours each game. As we sit and wait for JMB to get done what we came to do, I watch the faces of all the kids walk through the door from the convention center after their game…some of them beaming, some of them crying, some of them with straight poker faces on. The little ones who just lost, are so heartbreaking…you want to scoop them up and hug them and tell them it is only a game- BUT IT IS NOT ONLY A GAME. It is not only a game to them. They play each game with such heart. I can only hope that they use this intensity with all they do in life. To the people like me who thought it was kind of cool that my kid was good enough at something to be invited – I totally missed what this means to these kids. They all came here to win and I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster that they feel game to game.

As a parent, we want to protect them from any hurt or disappointments. As a parent, we know that we cannot. We know that our children have to feel disappointment to learn how to pick themself up… straighten themself up, and look at each experience as a lesson well learned. Will they learn that today….probably not….not while they are emotionally immersed.

I had doubts about this adventure, for a lot of reasons. Now, I am glad we did it. It may turn out to be a time in my son’s life that he will later pinpoint as pivotal. It may turn out to be nothing in my son’s life…no big moment, nothing changed in him, I really don’t know yet how and if he will be affected in his soul – but I am different from this. I remember what it is like to love doing something so much that it is not work to you. I remember what it is like to love something so much you want to be the best in it. I remember what it is like to want to engage with people that are the best in my trade…come head to head with them and win….succeed in a goal or vision that you set before yourself.

Thank you to all the kids – the best of the best – all ages – all of the participating 70+ Countries – for reminding me what it is like to want to be my best!

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